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We want to ensure that Soul Wars is great fun for everyone, so since its launch last week we’ve worked hard to refine the minigame and make it a better experience.Last week we made a few hotfixes, which can be found here. We can now confirm that from next week, there will be a single waiting r...

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We hope you haven't had your fill of 20th Anniversary Cake just yet, because the Grand Party's only just beginning! By the way, don't forget to grab your free 20th Anniversary cape and outfit from the Wise Old Man! He spent all of December sewing those little buttons on. The Grand Party: Celebration...

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Blizzard has set out to make gearing up more challenging in the Shadowlands, and this raid is no exception. Fewer pieces of loot will drop from each boss than in the Battle of Azeroth. And unlike that raid, and previous expansions, bonus rolls are no longer a thing. world of warcraft classic gold In...

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Time is money. so as to urge more WoW Classic Gold, you want to know the efficient ways to visit your destination, especially for completing a search. There could also be 6 ways you'll choose. I will be able to discuss the following. Hearthstones You can arrive instantly at your home by using the He...

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As the only designated tank in World of Warcraft in the 1960s, the fighter's status in the team is unquestionable. Especially after the opening of the sixth stage of Naxxramas, the significance of the tank in the team is even more important, and the team has also improved. The status of the treatmen...

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Blizzard Entertainment is introducing a raft of new World of Warcraft class changes in this week’s reset. Some of these changes have been in testing previously, so you may recognise a few from the forums. The Blood Death Knight’s Bone Shield has been buffed to offer armour equal to 70% o...

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Gold is that the standard currency in World of Warcraft Classic. Your total gold is shown at the rock bottom right of your open backpack window. Gold is typically just mentioned as money. WoW Gold Cap: the foremost money one character can carry is 9,999,999 gold; an equivalent limit applies to guild...

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One of the greatest generals of the Qiraji forces. He is encountered at the second stage in the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj raid. General Rajaxx was described in the war of the shifting sands as a towering monstrosity, who swings his limbs and shouts his commands to the soldiers during battle. General ...

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Leveling Jewelcrafting from 1 – 300 is quite quick, as the profession was newly introduced with The Burning Crusade. You can level Jewelcrafting by crafting a mixture of low level statues, rings and necklaces. Once you reach 300, leveling Jewelcrafting gets a bit more involved, though. Buy wow...

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WoW Classic is hosting the Feast of Winter Veil. This is one of the original WoW celebrations. It starts on December 15th and ends on January 2nd. Players will find the event NPCs in the capital cities of Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Each faction has the same quests. Your character needs to be at least ...